Princes Farm's vital role in stable's success

Aug 15, 2016

Nestled on the banks of the Nepean River, overlooked by the stunning bluffs of the Blue Mountains, the tranquil haven for horses that is Princes Farm is surprisingly only just over an hour from the Sydney CBD. Set on 60 hectares of gently sloping, high quality grazing land, Princes Farm has been operating as a breeding, pretraining and spelling facility for the Cummings family for over twenty years.

Anthony takes a hands on role in all vital aspects of the farms pretraining routines and is ably assisted by Anthony’s former long-time foreman Barry Smith. Princes’ proximity to Randwick also lends itself to giving horses in full work a short, refreshing break away from stable life. There is a continuity of care for horses under Anthony’s training through consistent feeding routines, blacksmith attention, work structures and timing that can only improve each horse’s prospects of success.

The breeding side of the Farm has also been very successful with progeny consistently outperforming their pedigrees. Big rolling paddocks provide for broodmares and young stock, growing lungs and legs to race with. Indeed, three of Anthony’s Gr.1 winners, Outback Prince, Hotel Grand and Fiveandahalfstar spent their formative years growing in the lush front paddocks of the Castlereagh property.

The Farm is open to all trainers and horse owners, with the best of care and attention to all horses on the Farm.